Is Yeshiva
"Just Not Working Out"?


In many schools there are students who just don't seem to fit in successfully. They aren't bad boys, nor are they involved in drugs or destructive behavior. They don’t have severe clinical issues either. However, no matter how hard these students try, school just doesn't seem to work out for them. Perhaps they can’t seem to make friends or navigate the complex social environment. Maybe they prefer to read by themselves instead of socializing with friends. It could be that sports isn't their thing. They may endure taunts from their classmates about the activities they enjoy.


Learning or even just sitting in class may be difficult for them. Some teens need extra space to walk around or a more hands-on and involved learning style that isn't provided at their current yeshiva. Many times this may even leave them behind their peers in learning level or even kria; further compounding their challenges and frustrations. This can also make it difficult for the students to establish healthy relationships with rebbeim and teachers and  they may frequently end up at the principal's desk.


Whatever the case may be, bochurim in this position begin to feel discouraged; wondering if they will ever be happy and successful. People who think a little differently or learn a little differently, need a program that does things a little differently.

This Is The School For Them!

Tomorrow Starts Now

Our goal is to guide our talmidim in using their skills, talents, and passions to find real happiness and satisfaction in learning, yiddishkeit, and life. They will build strong friendships with their peers and gain a deep understanding of social interactions and clear communication, allowing them to be highly successful in whatever they do - whether in learning, business or marriage - and to become the next generation of leaders.

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Our Philosophy

 An Exciting Program for a Solid Foundation

The Yeshiva Gal Einai experience is initially centered around exciting activities, programs and challenging events. These activities are designed to build, develop, and strengthen all facets of the student’s character. Students are trained to identify the elements of productive social behavior and interactions. Our strong culture of positivity, hard work, accomplishing goals and thriving friendships, allows us to develop a team with a strong sense of morals and values to find meaning and pursue purpose.


Many students who are miserable in the standard classroom find success by first focusing on their internal character in an action-packed, hands-on environment. This internal development causes  Limudai Kodesh, which is presented in an engaging and practical way, to become increasingly more important and central to our students. We focus monthly on advancement and growth to ensure that no student sells themselves short. Rather, with their newfound outlook and skills, they increase their abilities in Torah and general studies.


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You're Invited!!

Our yeshiva is built on years of experience with successful programs to provide students that don’t thrive in mainstream environments with the atmosphere they need to reach for their greatest selves.