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One System Isn't For Everyone

One educational system doesn’t fit everyone. Some Bochurim are too energetic to sit for long lectures or they space out in school. They need something more to inspire them. A voice whispers in your head that this isn’t for him, and you wish you knew of a better option. What kind of yeshiva will allow him to maintain his connection and growth in Yiddishkeit?



Imagine a Yeshiva where learning is done not just with your eyes, but with your hands. Where a Sugyah in Bava Kamma flies off the page and comes alive - in real time. Where the 39 Melachos are not memorized, but experienced. Imagine the excitement and vitality that learning will have!

Welcome To Yeshiva Gal Einai!!

At Yeshiva Gal Einai, we make learning real. By bringing Torah outside the classroom, we light up creative and energetic boys, asking them to harness their talents. The Torah is the blueprint for life and how to live it. Our exciting activities get the Bochurim intrigued, engaged and invested in a vast array of topics which we then explore from the Torah’s perspective along with its guidelines. By giving them the space to apply their learning to life and their life to learning, they become connected to Torah in ways beyond what can be offered in the four walls of a classroom.

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Our Program

Our hybrid model pairs source-based learning with experiential learning to bring the entirety of the student into the material. At the same time, each student will work on developing leadership, teamwork, creative thinking, self-knowledge, and trust through unique activities and initiatives, yielding a close-knit community of students and teachers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to build enthusiastic Bnei Torah who are in touch with themselves - aware of how to use their natural talents, driven to pursue meaning, purpose, and achievement; happy and successful in their chosen pursuits and Avodas Hashem.

You're Invited!!

Our yeshiva is built on years of experience with successful programs to provide students that don’t thrive in mainstream environments with the atmosphere they need to reach for their greatest selves.                    

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